Pasta is always the enemy for anyone’s diet, but there are better ways to make healthy pasta and enjoy it…

On Sunday dinner you can put a little bit more cooking time into your meal instead of rushing the food to get done. So why not cook something that is still healthy, but delicious. How about trying something that requires less preparation, and more cooking time, so that you can enhance the foods savory flavor. Just because you eat healthy it doesn’t have to be boring too.

Soup & Sandwhiches

I always find myself standing holding the refrigerator door open at night. That is how I started to gain the most weight. The nighttime munchies would hit me hard because I would stay up so late working on the computer, studing, or watching television.

Why make a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. I decided to look up different healthy ways to eat at night, and I found the link below helpful.


View this helpful video about late night eating and how we can make it more healthier.