A hundred-year-old closet.

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I wrote two books and my biggest fear is never getting published. I was asked by a friend, “What are you going to do with the books you wrote, share it with the closet?”- Those words hit me hard. I know I am working hard to get my books published, and to turn my stories into the dreams of my readers imagination, but it seems impossible. I am passionate about the things that I write, but I find it so hard to stay inspired when I don’t have a clue when I actually will have a publishing house, or agent for that matter, that takes interest. My closet enjoys having my books on the shelf, but when will the sole of a book with a front and back cover be enjoyed in the hands of my readers. I always ask myself will my writing turn into a hobbie that I enjoy like singing karoake at a family barbeque, or will it be a success? Oh, I know, it will be my “closet’s” favorite.