I was watching Beyonce on television today, in the minutes that I had to spare before studing and proofreading my second novel. Liking her as an artist is one thing, but watching her go from a simple girl group to an outstanding business woman, and entrepreneur is outrageous.

Beyonce, amongst others, whether in the entertainment industry, top doctors, successful restaurant owners, writer’s like Stephanie Meyers, or the common business man all got their “hustle” on to get to the top. When using the word “hustle” it does not take the dishonest meaning of the word. However, it is being used in the since of “working hard to get where you want to be, or to overcoming certain things to become successful.”

This can be used in the fact of getting the two most important novels that I have ever wrote published. No matter how pissed I get, or aggravated with finding it hard to get the right publisher, or agent I should continue to get my “Writer’s Hustle” on. Besides, the harder you work at something the better things get, and the easy it comes. Nothing comes without hardwork, or setbacks. That’s what my “Writer’s Hustle” is all about, so I will take it as it comes.

Check out Beyonce getting her “hustle” on like the diva she is: