I’m finally learning about myself, what I like to do, what I
want to be, and where I’m headed. I love sharing stories that is why I enjoy
writing. I wanted to be a singer, but I realized that is not what I loved. I’m
growing into my skin, getting to know me. People think they know about me, but
they only know what I let them see. I think there will be a point in my life
when I’m able to put a couple of deep and interesting things about me in a
book, but for right now I will stick to fiction. I would rather escape into a
world that I can develop into my own ending. I don’t know what my destiny is,
besides I’m still working on my happy ending. I’ve written two books. Both
about romance- one is a romance-murder mystery(Title: Things Hidden), and the
other is a romance gone very wrong (Title: Never Settle). Where do I see myself
in the next five years? I want to have published one of my novels, maybe even
editing someone else’s book submission, so they can be published. I know
opening myself up to the world means being able to except criticism. That’s
okay, it’s all apart of growing and getting better at what I do. Staying true to
me comes from within, and it overflows into everything that I do. That is how
artistic books, music, art, and movies are created. That’s what makes the world
so unique. I hope I can become apart of it. I welcome everyone to follow me on
that journey.