List of Disney's Aladdin characters


*I grant today wish day*. Today is the day you get to wish for something that you wanted to happen, but it didn’t. Today is the day when you wish for something that could be, and if you put your mind and will power to it, it will happen.

I wish that a really good friend of mine would have been able to attend my wedding. It doesn’t matter what happen for her not to attend at that moment, but what does matter is the fact that I missed her wedding, and she missed mine. That was one of the most important things that could have happen in our lives, and we missed it. I missed her, and on this very day I wish I would have been able to turn around and see her there by my side sharing that day with me.  I’m truly sorry and regretful of that day. The same goes for her wedding. Can anyone say “Bride Wars”. Oh yeh, by the way there is a such thing as vow renewal, and I am going to make sure she is there, and the same goes for her.

I wish I can snap my fingers and I am finished with college. It is very hard to have a family, work fulltime, and go to school. My body is ultimately tired, but I try to put the best on the outside, and see the goal at the end of the tunnel. This would mean a better security, income, and life for me and my family.  Thank God for the family that I have that support me 100%.

I wish I could see what people see in me when it comes to my drive and my self-motivation. Sometimes I feel like I am barely holding it together, but everyone else see me differently. I wish I could believe in me a little bit more than what I do, but I guess that is an imperfection that is workable.

I wish, I wish, I wish……..and guess what everything that I wish will all happen. Besides, patience is a virtue.