Yes, I miss my family, friends, and being free on the weekends, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Working 40 hours a week, working on my book, and doing an externship at an urgent care at nighttime is very hard. I am learning a lot and I am almost there, but my body is telling me that I need a “stop” button. If it wasn’t for my husband, mom, and dad it would really be hard, but they are the wonderful people who make everything I do even more possible. I even miss my blog friends. I hope I’m not letting you down, but instead setting a good example of a hardworking woman. Besides, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel. Through this journey I have learned a lot about a lot of people and still is learning about who I thought were my friends, but it is obvious that they are not happy for me. It’s okay, I know that once they figure out what makes them happy and they get it together then they will come to reality, but then I may not choose to be their friend anymore. Back to happy thoughts….I want to send out a HOORAY to EVERYONE who are doing their thing and making it happen even when times get tough. Congrats and Keep up the good work!!!!