Author: Bagande


Falling in love is more than exciting, it is amazing. It is being able to share secrets that you can’t share with anyone else. Falling in love is being able to communicate with your body, and the other person knowing exactly what you are feeling or thinking. Its being there for someone through the bad, and the being priveledge to enjoy the goodtimes with them. Falling in love is unquestionable, it is known before you even realize it. This love is that moment when your future includes this person as being apart of your life forever. Oh, love….yes love… this wonderful love… wanting to feel it over and over again.

I know a couple that is celebrating their anniversary tonight. I want to wish them a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND MANY, MANY MORE TO COME.

And what better way to celebrate love than hearing it through music:

The first song is Dangerously in Love by of course Beyonce:


The second song is I Will Always Love You by the beautiful Whitney Houston: