This is a followup post from previous post: THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES LOVE YOU TO DEATH, EYES WIDE OPEN, APPROACHED SUDDENLY AS I STARED INTO THOSE EYES, and THROUGH HER EYES. You have to read the previous post to understand this one.

I watched as the door kept swinging open. She would walk out to the street, then back into the house. Its hard not to be interested in what your neighbors are doing when it seem so suspicious, so if you want to call it noisy, go right ahead. Finally, as I stared from the window, the car that I hadn’t seen since my confrontation with the husband that decorates women’s faces black and blue pulled into the driveway. She met him halfway. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I was waiting for the clothes, and pillows to exit the car. She peered over her shoulder towards my house. I dashed to the bathroom and grabbed the garbage can, so that I can have a reason to take a walk outside. There she was sitting on the hood of his car, and him feeding her the broken lines that he is in pain, but we all know that he is the one causing the pain. She stared into his eyes as if his lies were working. I know it’s none of my business, but if only you would’ve seen how scary her face looked. The look on her black and blue face will forever stay painted in my head as a reminder of what love isn’t. As I walked towards the house, he nodded as if he knew that he would be moving in by the end of the day. She waved. I casted back an unsure smile trying to steady my tongue, so that I will not step over my boundaries. Besides, if she is going to accept him back into her life who am I to tell her not to, I am just a neighbor that cares. After going inside, I took one last look at her, she glanced at me. For a moment, it was like she knew exactly what I was thinking. I sat on the couch trying to keep myself from walking over to the window. For a minute, I thought I was hearing things. I heard her screaming for help. What could have possibly changed in five minutes of seeing them in “almost make up bliss“. I ran to open the door, and there he was doing what he do best. He had one hand held back, and one hand around her neck. When he heard me approaching him from behind he let her go. She asked him to leave, and she said,”That is exactly why I am not allowing you to move back in. You are an abusive, cheating, and angry man with no respect for no one. I want you to leave. I don’t need you. I have family, and friends that care about me. The same family and friends that I should have listened to a long time ago.” She glanced over at me and smiled. I couldn’t have felt more proud, it was like watching my child take their first step, or ride their bike for the first time without the training wheels. As he drove off, we watched his tail lights until the car turned off the street. And even though nothing was funny we burst into laughter. Once again, I guess black and blue isn’t her favorite colors.

A girl smiling or laughing.