Scared child

The worse thing ever……something that I never want to happen again. I want to share a personal experience with you. If you have children of your own, this story will make you want to hold and kiss them.


My daughter was missing at the end of school yesterday for twenty minutes. It was the most frightening twenty minutes of my life. Everything felt confusing to me, I felt the air in my lungs suffocating me. I was angry, absent-minded, and out of control until they found her. She was in the tutor center. She had a substitute teacher that misunderstood the afterschool instruction list. He thought she was supposed to go to the tutor center at the park. However, my daughter told him numerous times that she was a car rider. So, when my husband went to pick her up she wasn’t there. He called me at work and gave me the dreaded news. I didn’t know what to think, neither did he. We both felt angry, and helpless. If it wasn’t for my wonderful work family….I would have lost my mind. Anyway, they found her safe….(sigh)….and that is all that matters. Don’t worry that substitute teacher will hear from me this morning. The principal and everyone at the school was involved in finding her. I will be speaking to the principal about “this substitute” who thought my child was another student that wasn’t even there yesterday. Unacceptable!


This should teach all of us a lesson: Our lives can change in a second. The ones we love can be gone in a flash, so we want to always tell, and show the ones we love how we feel about them. I always do, but I want to do it more, and more. It can never be too much.