The Secrets of Love

I’ve never been this hurt, I’ve never experienced this much pain. To know that from you, the one I love, can cause grief and shame. I’ve heard the words I’m sorry, but never would I’ve imagine the thought of hearing it from you. You promise to love, and protect me now my heart is confused. I’ve taken the most I can of this frivolous relationship, and I’ve built a defense that can handle anything. I’ve made excuses for your behavior, but now what everyone else said, I see is true. You are the duplicate of selfishness. Maybe this have been our destiny, we should call it what it is. The end, the end of a tarnish broken heart that can’t handle another makeup to breakup session that always end with you saying “that’s how love is. People argue and work through things.” That is not how love is, “all the time”. Love is kind, bearable, forsaken, compassionate, outgoing, happily overwhelming, love is patience, love listens, love builds up, love doesn’t breakdown, love is encouraging, love doesn’t cause frowns, love is felt by action, love is not a word that isn’t proven by action, love is not physically or verbally abusive, love is sharing and long-suffering. I can go on, but I think you get it. I think you understand that the pain that no one knows you experience everyday is not what love is. But how long? How long will the frontier of your exterior put on a mask to pretend that what you have is love? When you know damn well, it is time to move on.