Every once and a while I take a look at the people that I surround myself with. This is to make sure that everyone in my life brings me joy, and NO negativity. So far, I have to say, I love the circle of people that I have in my life. Sometimes certain friendships go through things, the same way that a family go through hard times. However, the key to the entire mishap or misunderstanding is realizing what went wrong, and how to find your way back to loving and being their for each other.

People tell me why don’t you get out and make new friends, or meet different people. Well, maybe because I tried that, and I saw that making new friends sometimes meant getting hurt in the process. Besides, everyone you meet is not always friend material. There is no need for me to meet new people unless it is about business because the friends and family that I have are already“the cream of the crop” ,which means “the best”, and they believe in me and love me. I couldn’t ask for anything more.