Everyday we go through changes from the time that we are born to the present day. We learn how to love, what is to be sad, things we like and dislike, and what is to accept ourselves for who we are. It is like watching a seed be planted, watered, and grown into a beautiful well-kept flower.

Gardenia jasminoides

Well, there are those that will either have thistles or never blossom and turn into weeds, and there are those that will be like a sweet-smelling flower that is enjoyable to be around because of the beauty it provides for the atmosphere. In this scenario, the weeds are the people who never learn how to be themselves, or never was self-motivating when it came to personal accomplishments such as finishing college, getting married, buying a house, having kids, buying a car that they’ve always wanted, or being that person that everyone likes and looks up to. The sweet-smelling flower, is the person whether it was buying a new car, getting married, or writing a book they always have things that are going on in their life from self-motivation and wanting to succeed.

Which brings me to this point:

Some people are made to be unhappy and no matter what they do, or who they are around they just can’t be themselves. That is probably because they never learned who they are because they spend most of their time trying to pretend and be someone they are not. The only person they are hurting is themselves. Know why? Because this doesn’t give the people around them a fair chance to see who they really are, which could possibly be someone wonderful. And by that person not knowing themselves and being around people who “are” sure about who they are and happy with themselves and content this can form an issue of jealousy. Jealousy is never a pretty thing it can cause you to do a lot of silly things to people who care about you. It can cause that person to form this jealousy for no apparent reason just because the people around them are doing well, and they are “standing still”.

But you know what I like to say to those “weeds” that try to keep a “sweet-smelling flower” from blossoming:


I know that was mean, but it is the truth. You can’t go around being jealousy of others success. Get yourself some business and try to achieve some accomplishments of your own. Then you can be happy with yourself, and who you are. Or here is a good idea accept yourself for who you are, and “GET OVER IT”.