Gorgeous Model with beautiful eyes

I was walking to my car, when that smell of overly fumigated cologne filled the air. There he was with a gym bag walking to his car, but wait, not just a gym bag, he had suits, shoes, and there in the truck of his car was pillows, and the appearance of sheets. He stared at me while he walked to his car. The look was agony and frustration of hopelessness. I broke his stare by looking away to open the trunk of my car. I could still feel him watching, suddenly his footsteps stops. I quickly grab my bag, and tried to rush back into the house. The footsteps started back, but they were growing closer this time, they stopped behind me. I turned around to see him standing there, unclear of what he wanted. I knew this day would come, especially since he knew that me and his punching bag were good friends. I got impatient and a little angry, so I asked the first question, “How can I help you? Is there a problem that I can fix, or are you just enjoying the view?”

He stood there, and started to walk away, then he turned around. He open his mouth to only utter words of worthlessness, but those words left a ringing sound of joy in my ear and a flutter in my heart, “She wants a divorce, and there is nothing I can do about it. She asked me to leave. Can you talk some sense into her?”

I did talk some sense into her, and finally it paid off. I guess during Christmas time she wanted to hear the sleigh bells ring, and not her head ringing from being pounded by the man she thought loved her. I had to contain myself and try not to show my over excited emotions. I very sternly and with much attitude told him, “I have nothing to do with what ever you have going on. She must have a good reason to be kicking you out. I’m not getting involved, besides you both told me to stay out of it, what ever it  is. Now please continue with what you were doing because you are interrupting my day. Please, try not to step on the grass, use the sidewalk. It definitely wasn’t a pleasure talking to you!”

I was about to walk away, but that wasn’t enough. He grabbed my arm. I snatched away forcefully and said angrily, “Unless you want to be the turkey in the middle of my table for dinner, you will never touch or even breathe my way when you see me. I have nothing to say. You made your own bed, seems to me that you confused your punching bag at the gym with your wife’s face. It’s possible because….I confuse your ass with your face on a daily basis.”

As I walked towards the house I saw her standing smiling in the doorway. She wore the color of yellow and no longer black, which painted the perfect scenario of happiness. She seemed confident, and content. The bruises on her face had faded away, just like her patience with the constant beatings, she was recognizable again.She silently whispered, “Thank you.”

Now, depending on how long she’s going to keep the devil out of the house, she will have a lot to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving, …..starting with her life, and the fact that she is no longer sleeping with the enemy.

 ***This is a follow-up from a series of previous post…….APPROACHED SUDDENLY BY THOSE EYES, THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES,  AND THROUGH HER EYES.