Couple in love

Take yourself back to the very first time you were in love. At that moment, think of how you felt. Mm, amazing, right! I won’t go into detail about the first time I fell in love, but I will say that it was one of the best feelings I ever experienced, and I’m thankful that the romance only got better.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes for someone to find the person that makes them feel like they are floating on white clouds, or dancing under moonlight, just as long as they have a chance to experience true love. Yeah, yeah call me a hopeless romantic. I know there will be hard times, and a couple of things, a “couple of things“, not a mountain of issues that you will encounter or have to overcome, that is just reality. But at the end of the day if that person is the one that makes, or helps all things come into perspective and not make things or how you feel worse, then that is the one.

I wouldn’t mind falling in love all over again. Just the thought of being in love give me sentimental butterflies. Hey, I’m a girl, GET OVER IT! LOL!

Even if you have had a bad relationship, or the person you want to meet haven’t come along, it doesn’t hurt to wish for it, it won’t be hard to recognize, or find because it will find you. However, on the damp side of things, if you are in a relationship and you’ve never felt this way I really have nothing to say, I believe you already know.

Just A Thought!!!!