Kiss No. 2

The tantalizing feelings of a sensual touch, starting with a harmless kiss. The irresistible movements of our bodies rubbing limitless, and inseparable against each other. A passionate kiss that sends chill contractions down the spine. With the supple sucking of inadequate places that causes frictions of shakes. The longing for a graceful insertion of penetration, that can only happen between two lovers. Without telling you where to put your hands next, you know exactly where to go. I surrender to your total control. Every thought of the mind becomes obsolete, at the visual complexity of your muscular enticements. A slight moan of unremorseful enjoyment, that leads to a heart throbbing scream of excitement. The sounds of rapid inhaling and exhaling relieves the cries of pleasure with every motion seeming unperplexed. The perplexed moments is why we are swimming when we are not around water. Oh, but the wetness flows from a place that has turned into a slip n slide for your stroker with each remarkable push. Twirling, and dancing to the rhythms of our heartbeats we catch a glance, a simple stare into each others eyes full of the need, the want of love. Silently we play for as long as we can unable to stop, until the last kiss, the ecstatic climax ends leaving our bodies breathless. Uh! Still holding each other, with soft whispers of the night cooling our bodies heated temperature, we express smiles of gratitude, and loving words of our deepest feelings. Grasping and holding, clinching and touching, until the night fades to day……..We….make….love.

The lyrics to Chris Brown’s song Take You Down explains it best: