There are a lot of ways to vent frustration, but in this case I was the ball, and she was the bat. How can a simple walk to the mailbox become the longest walk ever.

Just when I thought Halloween was over, there was a ghost that appeared tapping me on my shoulder. The face was of a person I barely knew. What should I say? What should I do? I didn’t know, so I attentively stood and waited. The wind blew as the ticking of the second on my watch grew louder. I waited and then she spoke.

Even though she was talking, it was like nothing was coming out because she was explaining, or might I say “defending” herself to me. She is forgetting I’m not the one she should play her defensive side with, putting on gloves that she don’t know how to use. Still I listened, without giving advice, without being judgemental, without getting angry at her high-leveled tone in her voice or the unsettling slurs she threw at my ears. Still…..I…..just….listened.

I knew it wasn’t me that she had the anger towards. Instead, everything that she was saying to me and my mailbox is what she really wanted to say to her husband. Finally, the angry voice that went BLA! BLA! BLA! stopped.

We both stood there for what seemed like forever, but it was literally a second, silently we stood. We stood silently as I glanced over her makeover from Halloween that still show her colors of black and blue.

Not thinking about what to say or do……..

There was a hung that was followed by a gasping sigh of relief. The sigh didn’t come from me, it came from her. She was startled…..she thought my hands would show my response, but to her surprise….I just wanted her to know that I am still there, and when ever she wants to scream at someone because she is really angry with herself, and that husband she loves so much…..I will always be here, even though she told me to stay out of it. The tears that fell from her colored eyes let me know that she understood. Then as the car pulled into her driveway, like that she was gone, the ghost that hadn’t appeared to speak to me in weeks, was gone.

As I walked into the house, those eyes watched me from the window, and then there was a smile……..

Finally, I broke my stare, as her monstrous husband closed the door.

That is when I knew there was hope for her. Without me saying anything, she knew exactly what was wrong in that picture. Maybe black and blue is not her favorite color.