The classical definition of probability works ...









I know that some people definitely believe in luck and that is their choice it is not a bad thing, it comes in handy from time to time. I choose to believe in destiny. From the day you are born life is already planned out, we just don’t know it yet. Some things are meant to happen, and when the pieces all come together of how you got to that point, then everything all seems to make sense.

True Story:  I know of a couple that met in an airport in Italy, and spent two days together as friends on a tour. They did not exchange numbers, or even addresses for that matter. They regretted it everyday that went by, eventually they each met someone else; neither year-long relationship worked. Anyway, they both were shopping at the farmers market because they both loved freshly grown vegetables. The guy was visiting, he lived in another state, but he came down for his grandmother’s 88th birthday party. They both were in the checkout line, and the lady dropped her sack that carried her freshly grown vegetables. Ah Ha! Guess who? When the guy stood up from helping her pickup the freshly grown vegetables, guess who he realized was in front of him at the checkout line. And not just that, his grandmother knew her, she lived three houses down. She was actually attending the grandmother’s 88th birthday bash.

From that day forward they never looked back. They now have two kids, and from what they both told me, they are happily married.

It doesn’t matter how much you avoid it, or try to plan your own life out some things are meant to happen. Whether good or bad, it’s just how things are suppose to play itself out. Some people are meant to save lives, some may experience the most fascinating romance of all times, some people are famous, and others live a simple life. Maybe we could change it, or maybe not. I believe we can make a lot of things happen depending upon how hard we work on whatever it is we are trying to change. “What if it is a bad outcome“, you may be thinking. Then that is when you pray that your luck kicks in. LOL!