Sorry on Australia Day-sky writing

“It is official, I am Never talking to you AGAIN.”-

We have all said that once or twice in our lives, or maybe we have even said……

“I can NEVER forgive you for this.”

True Story: Someone did something that really pissed me off, and everytime I saw them I went out of my way to either avoid them, or dislike them. Everytime they apologized to me, I would say something that I knew would hurt them. I realized that I was wasting my time, and when I finally realized why they did what they did, I realized the situation was really stupid after all. It goes deeper, but that is basically how it went. Besides, I don’t have all day I am trying to make a point. LOL!………

Sometimes it is so hard to forgive someone for the bad things that they have done, said, or tried to do to us. It is never easy to turn the other cheek. Two wrongs never make a right. What makes us so much better than the person that committed the wrongdoing when they offer an apology and we don’t accept it? We always seem to find the excuse of why we don’t want to forgive them, but we never take out the time to understand why they did what they did in the first place. Was there ever a moment that we did something that we needed forgiveness for?  Oh, you’re too perfect, right? Wrong. We are not the ones who should offer the punishment to the wrongs of what people do. Besides, there is a higher power for that, and also a thing called karma. The truth still remains a fact, being “the bigger person” shows maturity, responsibility, and a humble heart. When you accept forgiveness, it actually causes the person who committed the wrongdoing to feel even more stupid and guilty for what they did. It leaves them thinking, “Wow, he or she is a good person, how could I have done such a terrible thing.” Not just that, it shows them that whatever they have done to you it did not affect you at all because you have already moved on from whatever situation it was.

Never let anger take control over the way you are as a person. Holding grudges cause you to age faster, and it makes you bitter. Remember it takes more to hate, get revenge, or avoid someone, but it takes less to forgive.

To forgive or Not to forgive…..that is the question?