Black eye (orbicular bruise). Crop and Rotatio...

I was suddenly awakened by a startling sound. It wasn’t the sound of the air conditioning switching off and on, but it was something that was becoming a little more familiar. It was the yelling, screaming, and crashing noises of glass shattering. No matter what, there was no comfortable position that could help ease me into a deep sleep. Finally, the fighting ending and he possibly got tired of chasing her around the room, my eyelids found the snooze button. Not being to far into a deep sleep, I saw the flaring lights of red flashing through the window. There it was, the love that she said meant the world to her, was the reason she was being wheeled out of what she call home. I watched helplessly wondering if she was okay, and thinking to myself, “Is this enough to make her leave him?” …………………

Obviously not. When I awaken the next day he was helping her out of the car. She didn’t have to dress for Halloween because the patch over her eye made her look like a pirate, and their was no need for lipstick because her lips were already black and blue, which is definitely not my color. I stood at the mailbox watching as he helped her up the step. He ran over to the car to take her bags out. In a split second, we caught eyes. The look upon my face was not pity, but anger towards her being so stupid, it was the look that she should be ashamed for taking him back. It was the look of wanting her to let me help her.

She asked me to stay out of it. It’s hard, I would like to show him what a real women would do. I feel guilty for thinking less of her, but she is weak, something is not clicking in her mind.

She said he “loves” her. Really? Well, it seems he is loving her to death. I await the color of black and yellow to cover her front door, with the hopes that it never come to that. Maybe he can hit her hard enough to knock some sense into her, and then she  would realize that she should leave him. Is it not enough to awaken to a mirror, and not recognize your face? Or maybe she thinks the blood upon her clothes is a fashion statement?

If that is what love is….then I must be in a terrible relationship, because I don’t have a clue what it is to be beaten. The only spanking I know about is the naughty girl spanking during sex. LOL! I hate to make a joke at a time like this, but if you are that stupid to become a punching bag, and you are not in a professional fight getting paid like Floyd Mayweather, then you are a joke.

Maybe black and blue is her favorite color………..some people take the words “Til Death Due Us Part” a little too literally.

Cost of moving out and starting over… possibly a few thousand dollars, Cost of a life………priceless.