Fight hard, but love harder


Friends, siblings, married couples, and all types of families fight sometime. However, the key to everything is how they show love towards each other. Yes, there are times that you disagree, or misunderstand each other, but what brings you together at the end of each day is what count. We need to know how far to go with each argument or disagreement, this means never use an unsettled discussion as a moment to bad mouth the person you love, instead try to understand the reason you had the argument in the first place, and try to fix it. And no matter what, never let the dirty air linger for too long because it makes things worse than it is, and harder to bounce back to normal.

It is always true, that no matter what you say to your close friend, sibling, your significant other, or family member it doesn’t mean that someone else can do it to. That is when the fangs come out and we go into defense mode, ready to kick someone’s butt. Okay!

Sometimes the reasons we argue, or disagree with the person we love whether family, or friend is because we care for them and we want to keep them out of harms way. But if they are like me, they may might not listen all the time and that is what causes the disagreement.

But in the end, you do make up and the rationality of the matter all comes together and make sense, and that is when the “apologies” and “I love you’s” are said. I mean just because you may have an argument, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them. These are the conversations that help us understand each others emotions, learn from each other, and surprisingly “growup”. So always know………….we may fight, but we definitely love harder.