This is going to be short, but maybe not so sweet. It might even leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but at this point, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say this type of person has probably gotten on your nerves a time or two, and if you find nothing wrong with the type of person that will be described, then it most likely “might” be you.

First of all, why is it so hard to please everyone? Why can’t things be as easy as the colors black and white. Well, we already know why, because we live in a world that is full of different people, morals, values, likes, wants, and needs. It seems like no matter how hard you try to make someone happy whether it is at home, work, or even with your kids, sometimes it never seems like enough. You go out of your way to make sure that things are right, and it is still not GOOD ENOUGH! Someone once told me, “You can’t please everyone, IT’S IMPOSSSIBLE.” Some people are just TOO difficult, and if it is not their way then it is no way. Complaint after complaint….it is never acceptable. That is why most of the people who are so demanding are usually single, or about to be single, lonely without with even a few friends to call. If they have friends, then it must be the friends that “love them from a far”. Lol! This type of person always finds the negative, and never the positive. This person could find fault in a perfect sunny day, no matter how beautiful and nice the day is, their attitude puts a damper on everything. They could even ruin a wet dream, and THEY ARE NOT EVEN THERE!

If you know someone like this, then you understand exactly, and you know that the list of aggravating things can go on, and on, but we don’t have the time. OMG, that is why anytime you see this person, do your best and try not to strangle them. Besides, they probably would come back as a ghost, and still nag, nag, and nag. It’s like a migraine that never goes away.


Image by bass_nroll via Flickr