Mother & newborn sleeping

It is so weird how real some dreams can feel. Some dreams are so good, you hate it when you awaken, and realize that it wasn’t real. Then there are the dreams that are so scary you never want it to come true. Some people say that dreams are your inner most thoughts and feelings developed into an imaginary world, well I would hope not considering the dream I had last night. You can awaken in all types of moods all because of the dream you have the night before. The moods can vary, for instance, nightmares cause you to be scared and awaken drenched in sweat, looking around the room in fear. Some dreams can put you in a good mood, causing laughter or even talking in your sleep. Yes, there are people who dream and talk in their sleep. No not me, LOL! Back to what I was saying… really, really, “good dreams” can cause you to awaken in a horny mood. I won’t elaborate, but I’ve definitely had those kinds of dreams. But anyway, the dream last night caused me to awaken a little upset and pissed. I will not say what the dream was about, but I felt like kicking someone’s butt. Thank God, it wasn’t true, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to shake the feeling it gave me. And call it strange and crazy, but I actually had a deja vu today that reminded me of the dream.

There are some people who don’t dream, that kind of sucks. I’ve been dreaming since I can remember. Dreams are from our photo graphic memory, things we’ve currently seen like a movie, or places we’ve been. Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams are wishes that we strongly anticipate to happen. So, the people who don’t dream are they half asleep? Meaning are they a light sleepers, that never really get to that point of having a deep sleep. Or are they without involuntary images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that cause them to be without photo graphic memory, or wishes that they want to seriously come true? Well, I wouldn’t say all that considering I am not a dream scientist of some sort, but what I do know is that they are really missing out. I got my first book idea from a dream, now it’s a novel with 89,000-words. Michael Jackson said a lot of his great ideas came to him when he slept, and he would awaken and use a tape recorded to interpret the words from his dream on to the recorded before he would forget how the tune and words went, some of which became great hits.

To all the dreamers in the world, I hope that the good dreams that give you the brilliant ideas for your next creative idea, or inspiration comes true. Besides, dreams are goals in life, and some do come true. So, even though we awaken, and our dreams become hard to remember, and eventually easy to forget, remember there are places where some of those dreams do come true, it depends on how much you want them to.

“Somewhere where dreams come true!!”-Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz