Beautiful Ocean Sunset

If you begin to think of all the things that you’ve done in life, would you say that you’ve really lived?

Have you accomplished everything that you wanted to do?

Oh, let’s guess you’re too busy, not enough money because this needs to be remodeled or paid, what if this, what if that….HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE “WHAT IFS”.

Consider this, nothing in life is guaranteed, not tomorrow, not your next paycheck, not even the “so-called” fresh air we breath. And if the last thing on earth that you want to say happen to you was work, collect your check, take care of the family, pay bills, or take life too seriously, then life is really sad and pathetic. This means you are not living life to its full potential, instead you are becoming a self-developed robot to society.

There is no need to go jump out of an airplane, but hey, if that is what makes you happy then do it, just be safe about it. LOL! Live and do what makes you happy. Stop putting off what can be done today for tomorrow. Leave the words “I will do it oneday” in the distant wind as if it was an abandoned town you pass through, just take it out of your vocabulary, and make it happen. Treasure every moment for what it is, your kids, time to yourself, and the amazing things of the world that you may not have seen or experienced. Take the time to tell someone, or overly show someone how much you love and care for them as if it was the last time you will see them. Never feel like you have tomorrow to say you’re sorry, take the time and do it at that moment. Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been ( like Hawaii), even if you have to save for months, go and discover the world as if you’ve just been introduced to it. It doesn’t have to be over the top or too extravagant, heck, visit the beach and watch the sunrise or sunset, but whatever it is, DO IT.

Sunrise 28 Dec 2009

The Sunrise Dec. 28, 2009

With all this considered…………..remember………there are days,and times you will be angry, upset, or disappointed, but try, and try not to let anything still your joy, or your time that could have been useful towards something else.

Make life your own, because tomorrow is never promised, so live in each…. and every moment…. as if it was your last.