What a tangled web we weave

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There are so many ways to view the intimate moments that happen between a man, and woman. Not all sexual encounters are romantic. There was a show on television where these guys were discussing whether or not it should be a different word to describe what kind of intercourse they have. He was pissed that his wife was holding out on him until he figured it out. He felt like when it happens, it happens, and it’s all the same. Quite the contrary, a man should never make the faulty mistake of telling his significant other that “IT’S ALL THE SAME.” That is definitely a No, No because it is not all the same. There is “making love” between two people who can’t stand to be apart, and live without each other. Then there is the “booty call” which happens between the hours of 12 a.m.-4a.m, and there is no feeling except the feeling of being horny and when it’s over you go home. Then there is  just sex“, which means there is no strings attached and some rules do apply depending upon the agreement, but sometimes there is the chance you may fall for that person. Here is one that most people grow to love “makeup sex” this occurs after a heated argument, or disagreement.

So, never get it twisted there is a difference in the styles of intercourse. They may all lead up to the final climax, but they are different. For women, we can use our sexual enticements for many things. Things that are only for women to know. LOL! But at the end of the day it’s for enjoyment, and not for abusing. And OHhh, what a joy it is!

CHECK OUT THE CLIP FROM THE MOVIE WITH ASHTON KUTCHER AND NATALIE PORTMAN CALLED:                          “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” it’s about two people who decided to have sex with no relationship drama. They had a few other rules included, but everything is going to take a surprising turn. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the movie I will not ruin it, this is only the trailer….so after watching it go buy….