I’m going to focus on myself a little today….I like being selfish like that sometime. Anyway, I had a setback these past couple of days. I thought I found someone to edit my book, but they couldn’t because they had something else to do. Which is fine? Their exact words was, “I have two new clients, but I wish you the best.” At least, it was less of a rejection, meaning I actually got an excuse this time. That really sucked. Amongst a couple of other issues, I felt like throwing my hands up. They say when it rain it pours. Sometimes I have to take two steps back to reflect on my direction when I am thrown off course. Lately, I had been feeling like I was a dog chasing my own tail, walking in circles not getting anywhere.

I did have a chance to bring everything back into focus. Like one of my post said, “I took the time to stop the world from moving around me while I felt like I was standing still”.

I realized the only reason I felt like this was because I was experiencing disappointment for the past few days. Nothing was going my way, I had no grip on things. But that is okay? Once I focused I realized that there was a lesson from the past few days that were crazy. Well, even though I know this is not the last time I will have a day, or few days like this I am better now and ready to continue.

Well, some people ask me how do I push forward the way I do? Sometimes I don’t even know. Being strong, and holding it together is very hard, almost like a cracked water dam with tons and tons of water ready to burst through. But mama said, “There will be days like this.” It’s what make you who you are at the end of the day.  I just try to remember that I am the only one who can change it, and try to take control before it gets too bad.