Anger Controlls Him

"Think before you speak"


There have been times when I have been so angry that I say things that I really didn’t mean. Even though I may feel sorry for what I have said, the point is that it’s spoken, and once it leaves your mouth, it can never be unheard.

There are numerous ways of hurting someone, but the worse are words. Words lingering in the mind and haunt us like a ghost in the night. People in general have the tendencies to know exactly what to say, or what to call us to get a reaction. When the confrontation is over and forgiveness have been offered and excepted. Who’s to say the forgetfulness of what was said has begun?

“It’s easy to forgive, and hard to forget.”-

Words are a complex expression of poetry, a symbolism of love, and a pouring out of anger that leaves lacerations into the soul. Painful words can end someone’s life without knowing it cause a feeling of not being excepted. That is why it is best to:


I don’t like to apologize and feel bad for what I’ve said, or how I’ve hurt someone’s feelings. Besides, when we look in the mirror there are always things that we can improve, or find wrong with ourselves, so how about we start there.

“If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it!”-

….Try it practice makes perfect. I don’t like listening to negative people all the time anyway, that is why I surround myself with positive smart people. Smart people are too intelligent to think of  idiotic things.

People that use their tongue as a knife to cut, are unable to speak or spit words of the wise, and draw a crowd through intellectual transference. Instead, they are obsolete in the mind, and they feed on unhelpful criticism, and they survive on others to make their imperfections  and insecurities feel what people like to call “normal”.

If you are one of those people and you are reading this…it may seem a little confusing and upsetting….take look in the mirror and it will tell you exactly who I am referring to…

A little angry you may say, well you’re correct, since my younger days (high school days, and early twenties), although I’m still young, I realize the things you say to people mean a lot more to them than we may believe. I used to be one of those mean people who didn’t think before speaking, and I promised myself I would use my words that utter from my lips to love, inspire, and build up…not let down.