Innocence of Laughter


From the time of birth, children have  no sense of evil, or hate, and no understanding of what disastrous turmoil is surrounding the world……. –

There is a sudden smile of the blissful dreams that fill the mind as a baby sleeps. The incompetence of worrying leaves the hair free of gray, and there is no meaning of aggravation. Watching children play without a care in the world, means there is a thing called “peace”. The holding of all hands without seeing color, but instead the excitement of wanting to play and laugh. The genuine forgiveness of “I’m sorry” when a mistake happens. An outburst of laughter just because something is funny. The opened mind that everyone is good, without seeing the dark side of someone’s attitude. Being giving of compassion through a simple hug thinking that will make everything okay. With a fear being so small that a scoop of ice cream can make the creatures in the night disappear. While the only person they look up to is the person that tucks them in at night after reading their favorite story. A simple kiss and goodnight prays are the only thing needed to help them fall alseep……and then the next day they get to do it all over again, while someone else do the worrying for them.

If only our lives as adults could be that easy with no hate, then maybe we would not be at war with each other. As a adults, if we had the understanding of “exception” then we would also be able to understand that the world is not for just one type of person, but for a mixture of people. If adults hearts were more like a child’s innocence then saying “I’m sorry” would not be so hard, then friendships or fights could possibly be forever. Being able to have outburst of laughter would make it easy to see the bright side of things, instead of being angry or full of disappointment all the time.

Maybe we, as adults, should start over and learn from the basics, the same way we teach a child to be kind, forgiving, and loving…..then maybe we would actually get it…..or maybe not.