~ Guided in Flight ~


There was moment when the wind seemed to have stopped blowing, the leaves fell slowly, and the noises of the world subsided. In this moment, it was like seeing the world from the outside looking in. At this moment, everything seemed clear. The problems, and issues that seemed so hard to figure out made sense. The fears of the mind were found inconclusive, and unworrisome. There was even the realization of the emotional impact that affect everyday trials and tribulations. Although, this feeling may be overwhelming, it is the second to a minute that matters the most.  Whether it is the beauty of the earth that captures your attention, or a brillant idea that crosses your thoughts, in this instant,  without a question everything will come together forming all the answers to your complicated questions. A misunderstanding will seem less important, and the offer of forgiveness will be vital. The act of giving rather than receiving will be more abundant, and more satistfying. The complexity will vanish and be absent,  love and the will to move forward will overtake the vulnerability of life having it’s moment. The aggravation of stress will diminish being replaced with the act of getting through it by using the strength of hope. This is the moment that everyone needs…..the moment to relax, relate, and release knowing that things will get better. It will almost feel like a quick second of meditation. This stand still moment will give us the time to reconnect with our goals, journeys, and plans  and help us to accomplish, or overcome whatever may seem so difficult. This is our way of balancing. It is gaining control.

If the meaning of the above thought is still not registering in your mind…..it simply means, take a moment to yourself, gather your thoughts, and don’t be afraid to come in touch with your emotions. This is how we asses our lives, and figure things out. Don’t let the stress get to you from through the every day-to-day issues, and if it does take out the time to analyze it, and meditate. Take a vacation even if it is in the privacy of your home, or room to get away from it all. Don’t let the world move around,while you stand still, instead be in control, causing yourself to steadily move about as the world stands still.