'Goodbye my lover' used as album art!

A Brokenhearts Last Goodbye

Someone asked me, “Why is letting go of someone so hard, even when it is so wrong to continue?”………

The answer was not that easy, so thinking about it became the topic of the day.

It is in us, as humans, to cling to whatever we develop a liking, or a love to. That is part of what makes it hard to let go, because we start to care deeply. Knowing that we are about to cause ourselves pain, or hurt makes it difficult also. Most of us don’t like to be alone, and that feeling of companionship makes it easier. Sick as it may sound, depending upon the situation, some don’t want to let go because they may feel they put a lot of time, affection, and effort in making things work. But then this can lead us to settling, and who wants to settle?

But if you love that person as much as it seems, and “letting go” will be the best for both of you, proving it would show how much you cared in the first place. Besides, causing that person misery would lead to a resisting-angry relationship, and a nasty breakup that probably was going to happen anyway, considering how much it was avoided.  Anyone that has experienced a painful breakup can tell you…….

“Everything is always easier said than done.”

Whitney Houston’s “Where do brokenhearts go” is a beautiful song….the lyrics explains that even though a breakup is hard… it is still love out there….maybe that person was not it…may be it was a learning experience….”letting go” does not mean there wasn’t passion, or that caring for them never happen, simply put… it just wasn’t the love that was needed to keep the relationship together……the song is an oldie, but a goodie!