Just Write It


Having a conversation with someone can sometimes be the hardest thing to do depending upon what you have to say. No matter how much the words are rehearsed, or organized they just don’t seem to come together. Not to mention the person you want to talk to will not let you get a word in most of the time, unless they are interrupting……..

Well, then write it. Write it? Yes, write it. It is always hard for someone to interrupt a letter because the letter is quietly spoken.

Writing is a way of expression. The way you place words on  a paper can determine how the point is to be taken. This form of art can be romantic, passive, persuasive, angry, sad, humorous, or exciting.

Words that are creatively written can even surface a journey through our wild imagination. This can cause us to read as if we are really there, experiencing whatever it is we are reading from the beginning to end. For instance, have you ever watched a good movie on television or in the theater, and when it grabs your attention you find yourself reacting loudly when the television, or movie screen can’t respond back. The same with reading something that may have been well-written. Once it grabs your attention, you can’t let it go, the ending has to be revealed.

Writing is more than just black and white, it is a silent but strong communicator.