Imagine running into someone who haven’t seen you in a while and the first thing they remember is something negative about you? Wouldn’t that piss you off? Instead of them remembering when you pick them up when you saw them walking in the ran, let them borrow money they never paid back, caring for them when they were sick, or even being there for them no matter what they remember the one bad thing you did. Wow! REALLY? Come on are they serious.

There was only one reason I could come up with that will support the stupid fact that people remember the negatives more than the positives. It is probably because they see more negative in themselves and it clouds their positive judgement, or thoughts of others. They could be surrounded by lesser positive people who like to put down others to make themselves feel better, or maybe they do not have anything good happening in their life because they were more of a follower,which means they have no ideas of their own. Whatever the case may be, do yourself a favor, and stay as far away from that type of person as long as you can.

That silly type of person is not good for your karma,  or your vibe that you are trying to create for yourself. And idiotic as it may sound you will eventually find yourself thinking just like them. It wouldn’t be on purpose. But have you ever heard of the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together,” or “Bad association spoils useful habits.” That is truly what it sounds like, most people tend to pick up the bad habits of their friends, unless they have a strong sense of leadership in themselves. Think about the movie “Mean Girls”. Wow!

Leadership takes a lot, but to be a follower or be a copycat takes nothing, no originality at all. Lame, negative, and unopened minded losers. Go LOVE yourself!! Obviously, the world is moving, and you’re standing still.

Check out a clip from the movie “Mean Girls“…!