Twigs and snow.



It is always more special during the time of year when the seasons change from summer to fall then winter. The change sends a calmness over the world. Even though it is chilly outside, it puts a sense of warmness in the hearts of people. Knowing 0f the family oriented time of the year, it creates a togetherness. Not just a togetherness, but a hungriness to taste all of the special treats and foods that comes across our way at the table. The pumpkin pies, candied-yams, apple pies, sweet potatoe pies, turkey, honey ham, macaroni-n-cheese, potato salad, homemade cookies, the casaroles, and more.

Its the time of the year when you get to pull the boots, the heavy jackets, and warm hats out of the closet. For some, you get to see snow, in other parts of the world, they get to experience the cool crisp of the wind and the biting chill of the air.

The melody of the radio even seems to adapt to the atmosphere creating sing-a-longs everywhere.

The time of the year when the family that haven’t been visible comes to visit. The reminiscing of old times, and childhood memories. The grandmas and grandpas hurtful pinches of the chicks and silly dollar bills for the ice cream trucks that you are too old for. Watching the family games and enjoying the laughter of wild jokes, and forgivable pranks.

Oh, and don’t forget the expensive gifts, or maybe even the unwanted gifts that we receive this time of year. Whatever the gift or thought may be, just remember to be thankful. Besides, some people get nothing at all. Mostly, the preference of getting gifts all year round would be best. LOL!

The years time when the colors of the trees change, and the decorations of the expensive lightings appear fascinating to the children. This is even when a homeless person may receive a dollar more or two.

Longing for this time of year is like forever, but when it happens, it appears so quickly that it is almost like it never happen, similar to a disappearing magic act. We should never worry or miss it too much because no matter what every year we have the opportunity to do it all over again, even better next time.

Just think we are already almost towards the end of the first “Bur”….counting down….September……October……November………then December…..!!!! Then the anticipation happens all over again.