I’m going to take the selfish approach and talk about myself tonight…………I took a moment to think how I would want the world to describe, or see me if I was gone. Don’t get freaked out, I am definitely not thinking of suicide. I absolutely have too much to live for. But I wonder what kind of mark, or footprints would I leave behind to let the world know that I meant something. Have I put forth every effort I could to make something of myself, or did I just give up? Did I change anything, or make a difference in someone or something. Was it an endless road to my dreams?

Well, I may not have all the answers to those questions,  but I do know that I am diligently working towards putting my stamp in this lifetime. It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood Star, or a building named after me. I want to be remember for making someone smile, a cause of happiness, saying the right words in my writing or in person that kept someone from going over the edge, or being a role model for my children.

I want to know that I regret nothing, or feel as if I missed out on something, when I reach the end of my time.

True Story {There was a time that I experienced singing in a club. Just like my writing, I put forth a strong effort when I sung to the crowd of people every Thursday, and Sunday night. The songs were not my original songs, but I viewed them as written poetry. One night I sung Beyonce’s song called: “Listen”. The song is about a woman torn of course. Anway, it was Thanksgiving 2009. The crowd was brutal talking and screaming over the performers. I approached the microphone and started singing. The room became silent. Before I knew it my performance was over. The audience roared. Someone threw their wallet with two 100 hundred dollar bills in it, and more. However, that is not what mattered to me. It was the fact that, a woman came up to me crying, and even though I did not handwrite that song, she told me that she went through something with her husband. She said everything she felt, I sung with such passion, and that it was almost as if I was speaking directly to her. She thanked me for touching her heart.}

That is how I want my writing to be, or even the way I treat people in my life. I want them to know that I gave my all at anything and everything I did……I want everyone to remember me by what I did, what I was, and how I made them feel…just something……how I loved, the great things I said. Remember….Remember me.

*****(By now if you’ve been on my website, I guess you can see that Beyonce is my favorite music artist and performer. If you never heard of the song “Listen” the video is below.)