A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

"passion of love"

Passion is a strong source of an emotion. It obtains love, a gravitation to whatever is responsible for the output, and a fierce desire of an unknowing will. It can lead us to do things that we never thought of. This strong loving-emotion can be expressed in many different ways. We all know the number one way of showing this emotion towards another person, but let’s refer to different ways. LOL! The explosion of the artistic views through writing, dance, photography, singing, and art. These are not the only ways of expressing the deepest love, they are just a few.

To develop this unconditional love that overflows in everything that we do, it must have been placed inside of us from the day we were able to understand. Its almost like the wind. Invisible but you can still feel it.

When was the first time you learned to love, or have an unconditional amount of passion towards something other than yourself? When was the first time you learned what love meant?

Regardless of whatever the force was that caused this irresistible emotion, it is unavoidable. No matter what this passion brings out of from the inside, if we channel it right, the love that we show for whatever we are creating whether writing, drawing, photographing, singing, dancing, or yes, even making love will turn out to be more than just a refined craft, but a brillant masterpiece.