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As we watch children playing, laughing, and dancing free without a care in the world, sometimes, it may be in that moment when you wished to be a kid to experience that much fun.  Those moments of coming into touch with the “inner child” inside is nothing to be embarassed about. That is what keep us young at heart and alive. The laughter and the possiblities of being able to see the fun in life. Never be ashamed to act a little silly, or crack a funny joke. Not knowing how true this is, but it was once said that smiling causes lesser wrinkles. Go figure. That is why the Incredible Hulk, and Cruella De Vil, (Movie: 101 Dalmations), was so ugly. LOL! Everything in life does not have to be so serious. If you have children try getting on the swings with them, or sliding down the slide, if your health permits of course, Lol.

True Story: The drive felt like it took me hours to reach my destination. I parked and practically ran to the entrance. It wasn’t like this was my first time. This was a day I would never forget. The day was March 12, 2011. A Saturday that turned me into the biggest kid….a day I forgot my age….it was the day I returned to Disney World: Magic Kingdom! There were other kids there, but I definitely enjoyed being the “biggest kid”.

There is a point to the true story. The “inner child” no matter what we do is there, and it is what caused us to dream of becoming the adult that we are now. However, it is also what helps us to enjoy a day at a fun theme park. If we have forgotten about our “inner child” find it because without it we can’t experience fun, we will be too adult to laugh. It keeps us balance,  even when we are out with the girls, watching a game, or eating something delightful like cotton candy or ice cream with sprinkles. It’s the part inside of you that…..let’s the fun side show!

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photo of: Cruella De Vil…Be Very Aware!!! LOL!