I can look at the sky and believe its blue, I never doubt that ice cream is cold, or that the waves of the ocean are meant to move back and forth, never sideways. It is so easy to believe in the things that are right in front of us. The things that we don’t believe in with such ease are the things that matter the most. For example, awaiting the finishing touches of my book are like believing I can see the wind. It all seem like a dream to me, with a possiblity of not coming true.

-“Choosing not to believe in what you are trying to accomplish and always having doubts can be a disappointment in itself.”- 

Why waste a lot of time wondering “what if” and making excuses of why the goals that were chosen may not happen?  If that is the case, we shouldn’t called them long-term or short-term goals because we don’t believe in the reality it can happen, considering all the doubt or “what if” in ourselves.

Why not think the positive way? Saying things that will continue to upbuild whatever it is that’s in the making of becoming a reality. For instance, becoming a writer, a true author in every form. Don’t get me wrong I believe in the art of fiction that I created into a novel, but sometimes it gets hard believing in the person. Me. The only disappointment in this scenrio is within myself, nothing else is causing the disbelief.  Sometimes when we say something is going to happen, usually it makes it happen. Weird, but true. Have you ever heard a parent tell their child to stop running before they fall, and then it happens. Or just the fact of bringing up someone’s name, and they enter the room. Strange as it may seem, it was almost like voicing the words created the action. Same in this situation, the more we speak of good things and wish ourselves the best, it usually follows through. Especially, if we are working towards whatever it may be whether it is getting into a specific college, learning how to cook, starting a new career, or in my case becoming a published author.

50%. Sale. Finale Reductions.
Image by jasmined via Flickr

If a lesson is learned from this passage, let it be that we stop selling ourselves short. Go all the way. It’s always been true: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. So, if  believing in ourselves 100% is the only way we will be successful, then we don’t want half-off.