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 I’ve never been so sure about who I am, and what I want. Even when we are not sure of who we are, or what life is, time is never on our side. We can make mistake after mistake, but the clock is still ticking. We could wish and wish to have known what we know now, but that is not how life is. We are made to learn and grow from experiences through time. Hence, learning and  trying not to repeat some of the careless and idiotic decisions. Many people would choose to go back to a certain moment in their past to correct something, or make it better, but what difference would that make. Whose to say that we will not make different mistakes after that decision that we went back at changed. Think of the movie “Back to The Future”. No matter how many times Michael J. Fox went back in time and changed certain things, there was always other things that came with the choices he made, whether good or bad. That is why it would be best if we let the past stay in the past, learn and grow from it, and make the future better. You can hope and wish all day, but having that contentment about where we are in life and seeing the accomplishment mean more than anything. Yes, even time travel.

Cover of "Back to the Future"

Cover of Back to the Future