The blue circle symbol used to represent diabetes.
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There are many things that we can do in our lives that make us a good person, but are those things based on cost or cause? There is an old saying, “People only do things if it is something in it for them”. How many times can we say we did something not based on cost, but the actual cause of helping another human being that we did not know?

Most people feel that the only way they can help another person is through money. No matter how much money is given, what about the act of kindness. That is pricesless, and it goes a long way. There is nothing wrong with a donation of any size, but  volunteering means a whole lot more. Being involved and seeing the cause of action mean more than just another check number.

Why not start with finding out “how” instead of how much, most of the time “the how” takes no money at all. Just being there supporting the cause goes a long way. Start today by clicking the link on the right called Socialvibe. It is free, and all it takes is a click, the rest is up to you. Let’s think about the cause by starting with “The American Diabetes Association”, one click that’s all it takes.