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Gone 4 Too Long!!!

Ok, ok… I know I’ve been missing for a while. Besides, this is where I get to talk about whatever I want without being told that I can’t, or you hurt my feelings. You either like what you read, and if you love it you keep coming back. LOL! _I want to thank everyone who sent request for more of my writings, especially those that followed the segments titled: Through Her Eyes!, These Beautiful Eyes Love You To Death!, Approached Suddenly As I Stared into Those Eyes!, Eyes Wide Open!, and The View Of her Eyes Have Changed!

I’ve been living my life, and trying not to let my life live me. I was making time to do some things to better myself. The old saying is

I love you without knowing how, or when, or fr...


true, “Why complain about something if you are not going to do something about it.” So, that is what I have been doing. I have been trying to finish some goals that I set for myself, and although my novel isn’t moving as fast as I want it, I am still proud of the things that I have accomplished, and will accomplish thus far.

Well, I am ready to write and give my readers some more interesting things to read I just hope that everyone still tune in. Besides, you make time to read my post, so I need to make time to keep something available to read.





Book Chaos



So, one new adventure always leads to the next big thing. I found myself giving up on my writing.I was even giving up on my posting.I guess all the many rejections were getting to me, but where there is a rejection there is an acceptance.

Last Saturday I was checking my emails and there was an email from a publisher in New York that read the synopsis, and cover letter of one of my books called “Bitter Sweet” that I sent him. He left his contact information. He said he was going to be in Miami this weekend doing meetings with two of the other book writers that live in West Palm Beach, and Miami Beach that already have book contracts, and he wanted to set up a meeting this Saturday.

Well, guess what?Saturday is tomorrow and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this meeting. This could definitely be life changing, and an entire new direction for my books that I have written.

I am going in with a positive attitude,  and a prayer from God that everything goes well.







I watch her sluggishly drag herself along the day through the demands, complaints, aggravation, needle in the hay stack work pile, amongst other things that require her attention. But beyond that outer thick scale of hardness she hides the reality of what is and what could be, metaphorically speaking. She never breaks, she never shows pain, she never shows restlessness.

Day after day, after day she pushes herself…moving to her own rhythm like an automatic pilot. Never does she once think of herself, but she thinks of the satisfaction her motivation brings to others.

But…..but…..when does she break? When does she get the chance to scream? When does she get the chance to “not care?” When does she get the chance to get crazy and let her guard down? When does she? When does she?

At night when the world is silent, the street lights come on, the children of the city are fast asleep, the moisture of the night is falling in, the songs of the night crawlers are distinctly heard through the wind,  and she is finishing up her elite list of things to do she steals a moment of silence……

She takes this time to think, she takes this time to analyze how things can be easier, she takes this time to inhale and exhale, she takes this time to realize that tomorrow she get to do it all over again. Maybe she takes this time to pray to God and be thankful, and pray that life progress for the better……..or……

……………Or maybe she takes this time of silence to cry. Her silent cries of joy, pain, regret, or even happiness, the cries that heals and cleanse her soul and make her stronger for the next day. Still every morning I look at her in the mirror and I wait for her to scream, for her to break, but she never does….and I don’t think she ever will.



OKAY! OKAY! So, I know I’ve been away for a long time. However, I’ve been determined to finish school. Sometime things are overwhelming when you take on so much. However, if you ae determined to complete whatever you set out to do then that is all that counts.


One of the things that annoy me is someone who starts something, and then for whatever reason do not complete whatever task they set out to do. Does that make you a loser? NO, but it definitely doesn’t maker you a winner either.

Sometimes fear keep people from accomplishing certain things in life, or the doubt within themselves. But that is where determination is needed. The determination to see things through no matter how long it will take, or how difficult the situation may get.

The reward from seeing things through can result in the satisfaction and success of whatever we wanted to succeed. Then when we look back and see how determined we were it will not only be a lesson learned, but it will give us the joy and happiness to see what progressed from ALL that hard work.

So, yes I do have determination. The determination to be successful, and to face any fear or difficulties that may come with it.

Oh, and one other thing……never let your friends or family tell you that you are not fun anymore. If they can’t understand that you are being determined to stay focus, and better yourself then they never really supported you from the beginning. Just ignore the negative comments and move on. Besides, if you are doing something that you feel is making you a better person whether in your career, religion, or social life then your family and friends should be behind you regardless.

**Word of the wise:


A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio

A Bully Free Zone sign – School in Berea, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve never been a bully or enjoyed people who like to take advantage of those that can not defend themselves. Lately, we all have seen how a lot of distraught, or dangerous incidence even deaths have resulted from what idiots call harmless playing around. But if it walks, talks, and barks like a dummy then it is definitely a “bully.”I don’t care what the situation may be, it is not right to push someone around that never really had a chance in the first place.  Nothing can be that bad for someone to over power someone else who is defenseless.

I learned that some people choose to pick on others out of jealousy, intimidation of that person taking their spotlight, it makes them feel bigger than the next person, or because they have a hateful soul all together and they enjoy others misery. It doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t make it right.


My definition of a BULLY:

A bully is a weak, disrespectful leech that feeds on others positivity wanting them to share in the negative energy of their miserable life. Wanting the center of attention, and using someone else’s hurt to make themselves feel better as they try to break someone else down, and build satisfaction through seeing someone else suffer, but not realizing that they have low self-esteem issues of their own.

***I think by now you realize that I am the kind of person that bullies hate because I…Never…Back…Down!***




Wish Day…….!!

List of Disney's Aladdin characters


*I grant today wish day*. Today is the day you get to wish for something that you wanted to happen, but it didn’t. Today is the day when you wish for something that could be, and if you put your mind and will power to it, it will happen.

I wish that a really good friend of mine would have been able to attend my wedding. It doesn’t matter what happen for her not to attend at that moment, but what does matter is the fact that I missed her wedding, and she missed mine. That was one of the most important things that could have happen in our lives, and we missed it. I missed her, and on this very day I wish I would have been able to turn around and see her there by my side sharing that day with me.  I’m truly sorry and regretful of that day. The same goes for her wedding. Can anyone say “Bride Wars”. Oh yeh, by the way there is a such thing as vow renewal, and I am going to make sure she is there, and the same goes for her.

I wish I can snap my fingers and I am finished with college. It is very hard to have a family, work fulltime, and go to school. My body is ultimately tired, but I try to put the best on the outside, and see the goal at the end of the tunnel. This would mean a better security, income, and life for me and my family.  Thank God for the family that I have that support me 100%.

I wish I could see what people see in me when it comes to my drive and my self-motivation. Sometimes I feel like I am barely holding it together, but everyone else see me differently. I wish I could believe in me a little bit more than what I do, but I guess that is an imperfection that is workable.

I wish, I wish, I wish……..and guess what everything that I wish will all happen. Besides, patience is a virtue.


Yes, I miss my family, friends, and being free on the weekends, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Working 40 hours a week, working on my book, and doing an externship at an urgent care at nighttime is very hard. I am learning a lot and I am almost there, but my body is telling me that I need a “stop” button. If it wasn’t for my husband, mom, and dad it would really be hard, but they are the wonderful people who make everything I do even more possible. I even miss my blog friends. I hope I’m not letting you down, but instead setting a good example of a hardworking woman. Besides, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel. Through this journey I have learned a lot about a lot of people and still is learning about who I thought were my friends, but it is obvious that they are not happy for me. It’s okay, I know that once they figure out what makes them happy and they get it together then they will come to reality, but then I may not choose to be their friend anymore. Back to happy thoughts….I want to send out a HOORAY to EVERYONE who are doing their thing and making it happen even when times get tough. Congrats and Keep up the good work!!!!

Falling in Love

Author: Bagande


Falling in love is more than exciting, it is amazing. It is being able to share secrets that you can’t share with anyone else. Falling in love is being able to communicate with your body, and the other person knowing exactly what you are feeling or thinking. Its being there for someone through the bad, and the being priveledge to enjoy the goodtimes with them. Falling in love is unquestionable, it is known before you even realize it. This love is that moment when your future includes this person as being apart of your life forever. Oh, love….yes love… this wonderful love… wanting to feel it over and over again.

I know a couple that is celebrating their anniversary tonight. I want to wish them a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND MANY, MANY MORE TO COME.

And what better way to celebrate love than hearing it through music:

The first song is Dangerously in Love by of course Beyonce:


The second song is I Will Always Love You by the beautiful Whitney Houston:



This is a followup post from previous post: THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES LOVE YOU TO DEATH, EYES WIDE OPEN, APPROACHED SUDDENLY AS I STARED INTO THOSE EYES, and THROUGH HER EYES. You have to read the previous post to understand this one.

I watched as the door kept swinging open. She would walk out to the street, then back into the house. Its hard not to be interested in what your neighbors are doing when it seem so suspicious, so if you want to call it noisy, go right ahead. Finally, as I stared from the window, the car that I hadn’t seen since my confrontation with the husband that decorates women’s faces black and blue pulled into the driveway. She met him halfway. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I was waiting for the clothes, and pillows to exit the car. She peered over her shoulder towards my house. I dashed to the bathroom and grabbed the garbage can, so that I can have a reason to take a walk outside. There she was sitting on the hood of his car, and him feeding her the broken lines that he is in pain, but we all know that he is the one causing the pain. She stared into his eyes as if his lies were working. I know it’s none of my business, but if only you would’ve seen how scary her face looked. The look on her black and blue face will forever stay painted in my head as a reminder of what love isn’t. As I walked towards the house, he nodded as if he knew that he would be moving in by the end of the day. She waved. I casted back an unsure smile trying to steady my tongue, so that I will not step over my boundaries. Besides, if she is going to accept him back into her life who am I to tell her not to, I am just a neighbor that cares. After going inside, I took one last look at her, she glanced at me. For a moment, it was like she knew exactly what I was thinking. I sat on the couch trying to keep myself from walking over to the window. For a minute, I thought I was hearing things. I heard her screaming for help. What could have possibly changed in five minutes of seeing them in “almost make up bliss“. I ran to open the door, and there he was doing what he do best. He had one hand held back, and one hand around her neck. When he heard me approaching him from behind he let her go. She asked him to leave, and she said,”That is exactly why I am not allowing you to move back in. You are an abusive, cheating, and angry man with no respect for no one. I want you to leave. I don’t need you. I have family, and friends that care about me. The same family and friends that I should have listened to a long time ago.” She glanced over at me and smiled. I couldn’t have felt more proud, it was like watching my child take their first step, or ride their bike for the first time without the training wheels. As he drove off, we watched his tail lights until the car turned off the street. And even though nothing was funny we burst into laughter. Once again, I guess black and blue isn’t her favorite colors.

A girl smiling or laughing.


Scared child

The worse thing ever……something that I never want to happen again. I want to share a personal experience with you. If you have children of your own, this story will make you want to hold and kiss them.


My daughter was missing at the end of school yesterday for twenty minutes. It was the most frightening twenty minutes of my life. Everything felt confusing to me, I felt the air in my lungs suffocating me. I was angry, absent-minded, and out of control until they found her. She was in the tutor center. She had a substitute teacher that misunderstood the afterschool instruction list. He thought she was supposed to go to the tutor center at the park. However, my daughter told him numerous times that she was a car rider. So, when my husband went to pick her up she wasn’t there. He called me at work and gave me the dreaded news. I didn’t know what to think, neither did he. We both felt angry, and helpless. If it wasn’t for my wonderful work family….I would have lost my mind. Anyway, they found her safe….(sigh)….and that is all that matters. Don’t worry that substitute teacher will hear from me this morning. The principal and everyone at the school was involved in finding her. I will be speaking to the principal about “this substitute” who thought my child was another student that wasn’t even there yesterday. Unacceptable!


This should teach all of us a lesson: Our lives can change in a second. The ones we love can be gone in a flash, so we want to always tell, and show the ones we love how we feel about them. I always do, but I want to do it more, and more. It can never be too much.